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Performance, prevention, recovery – Gledswood Hills / Gregory Hills

Our team of accredited exercise physiologists will help you use exercise as a medicine to achieve your health and fitness goals.

They understand how different exercises will affect your body, under different conditions:

  • Injury
  • Illness & Chronic Conditions
  • Elderly
  • Athletes

Whether your goal is rehabilitation after an injury or illness, or you want to manage the long-term impact of a chronic health condition, our exercise physiologists know which exercises will be most beneficial for you.

In addition to prescribing exercises, they will also help you identify changes that you can make in your daily life that will help improve or manage your condition.

Exercise Programs Tailored to Your Needs

Our exercise physiologists will create an individualized exercise program for you, that takes into account your needs and the limitations imposed by your current health condition. They will work with you to adjust the program based on your feedback and your progress, so that you get the most benefit in the shortest time.

Exercise physiologists don’t just prescribe traditional exercises that focus on:

  • Building muscular strength
  • Improving cardiovascular fitness

They utilize a wide range of treatments, including:

  • Improving posture
  • Improving balance and co-ordination
  • Stretching
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Education to reduce risks of falling or injury.

They have in-depth knowledge of how different exercises and activities will affect your muscular, cardiovascular and neurohormonal systems, and how those effects will change the way that you move and function.

They will take into account your unique situation—your health, your lifestyle, what you do and don’t like to do—and they will create a program that you can integrate into your lifestyle and maintain over the long-term.

Funding Rebates and Referrals for Exercise Physiology

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You can book an appointment to see an exercise physiologist without having a referral from a doctor. However, without a referral you can only claim a rebate if you have private health insurance. 

If you don’t have private health insurance, you may be eligible to receive Medicare rebates for up to 5 sessions with an exercise physiologist, if you have a chronic condition (lasting more than 6 months) or a terminal illness and you get a referral from your doctor.

You may also claim rebates for Exercise Physiology services (with a doctor’s referral) through:

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • Workcover, Workers Compensation 
  • Department Veteran Affairs (DVA) Health Cards (Gold & White), 
  • CTP/Motor Vehicle Accidents

Exercise Physiology for Athletes

While the majority of our exercise physiology clients come to see us for help with their injuries or health issues, we also help athletes to:

  • improve their performance and with 
  • techniques to help prevent injuries. 

Contact us to find out how we can help you maintain and improve your sporting performance.

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Exercise Physiology Qualifications

clinical exercise physiologist near me, Narellan, registered exercise physiologist

Exercise physiologists are the most highly qualified exercise professionals, and as allied health professionals they have a deep understanding of how each type of exercise will affect your body and your health. In clinical practice, they prescribe specific exercises for you, in the same way that a doctor would prescribe medicines.

Our exercise physiologists have completed a 4-year university degree majoring in exercise physiology, and are also accredited with ESSA (Exercise and Sports Science Australia), the peak professional body and sole accrediting authority for exercise physiologists in Australia. They are also registered as providers of NDIS services.


We are located in south-west Sydney, at 7 Gregory Hills Dr, on the border between Gregory Hills and Gledswood Hills.