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Our experienced Chiropractors, Massage therapists (remedial, sports, deep tissue, pregnancy, and relaxation), Dietitions, and Exercise Physiologists are here to help you feel better and achieve optimal health. We’re located in Gregory Hills, just a few minutes from Gledswood Hills, Oran Park, Narellan, Mount Annan, and Campbelltown.


Our chiropractors diagnose and treat patients using a hands on approach to chiropractic adjustments. We also use dry needling and cupping techniques when appropriate.


We have massage therapists specializing in a variety of massage styles, so you’re sure to find one that suits you, including: relaxation, remedial, deep tissue, Swedish and sports. We also offer pregnancy massage. Read More…


Through nutrition we help treat stress/anxiety with a big focus on women’s health, digestive disorders, allergies, acne, eczema and psoriasis. We help heal through herbal medicines prepared on premises.
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Exercise Physiology

Our exercise physiologists help you use exercise as a medicine to achieve your health and fitness goals: rehabilitation after an injury or illness, manage a chronic health condition, or improve your sporting performance.

Your journey towards
optimal health starts

Do you suffer from sports injuries, neck pain, back pain or shoulder pain? Or maybe you are just in need of some dietary and nutritional advice? At SB Chiro, we can help!

Located in Gregory Hills, near Narellan, Oran Park and Campbeltown in South Western Sydney, our team of Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and Dietitians are here to help you achieve optimal health. We aim to identify and address the root cause of your health concerns and prevent them from reoccurring, all whilst educating you along the way.

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Our Chiropractors Optimise
The Way You Move To Reduce
the risk of re-injury.

Our Chiropractors diagnose the source of the problem, then make chiropractic adjustments to correctly align your body, as well as helping you learn to move in a way that will help prevent re-injury.

Release Tight Muscles

In addition to chiropractic adjustments to correctly align your spine and skeleton, the chiropractors at our Gregory Hills clinic are also trained in dry needling and cupping, two techniques that help relax tight muscles that are pulling your skeleton out of alignment. Of course, we also have various types of massage (including deep tissue massage) that can help return your rigid muscles to their naturally relaxed state.
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Accepted Health Funds

All treatments with our chiropractors and massage therapists are covered by the following health funds: health fund logos2 health fund logos1 health fund logos3